Complete 2023 Nova Scotia glamping dome directory


With a little bit of online searching I’ve found 29 Nova Scotia sites that have glamping domes, each of which has its own unique setting and charm.

I’ve assembled the list into this Nova Scotia glamping dome directory and I hope you find it useful for choosing a glamping dome vacation site. 

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Glamping dome directory

Here are the results in an easy-to-follow listing and map (above) sorted by geographic region:

Here’s the disclaimer: dome glamping is a growing industry and things are changing quickly. There is no other directory out there that I could find. At the time of writing, this glamping dome directory is as accurate as I could make it, but there may be other sites out there that I don’t know about and some of this data may change by the time you read it. 

I will keep the glamping dome directory up to date as I get new info, but that’s as far as my guarantee can go. If you know of other info that I should add here, please let me know from the contact page.

Thanks for joining us on this new adventure! Got a question or a comment? Go to the contact page and send a message using the form.